It's hard not to be captured by the Philadelphia Phillies' run to the World Series.

These are the type of sports runs that bring communities together, casual fans who haven't watched a game all season are now wearing Phillies red to get their coffee in the morning.

Cheering for the home team is about having civic pride, loving where you live, and supporting the home team. These are the moments when that is on full display, when the home team makes an improbable run, deep into the playoffs, bringing everyone in the community together.

People are nicer. They say hello at the register and everyone seems to hold the door and say, "Go Phillies."

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Now there are random people who make the choice to live in our area and root for teams outside of the area, which I will never understand unless you have a really good reason.

What's an acceptable reason?

You moved here from that area and now live here.  That's about it in my book.  Not because you saw their star on the helmet when you were a kid, not because your uncle was a fan of that team in 1978, not because they won all the time.

How someone from South Jersey became a Dallas Cowboys fan, I'll never understand, but many of them happen to exist here.

Well, apparently one Dallas Cowboy is a Philadelphia Phillies fan - Micah Parsons.

Parsons is a Harrisburg, PA native and played his college football at Penn State, so being a Phillies fan does make sense, unlike someone from South Jersey becoming a Dallas fan.

So welcome aboard Micah, there is plenty of room on the bandwagon for you, we all know most of the fans that cheer for the team you played for are exactly that (though the team has had very little success over the past 30 years).

Just make sure you have you're Phillies gear on when you get your coffee in the morning!

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