During the pandemic, it became a fun symbol to see on the road, or if you were lucky, pulling up to the front of your house to deliver food!

The "Duckmobile" may have seen its last delivery.

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Jen Maslow Ford is the Duckmobile owner, driver, and Atlantic County's favorite delivery person, but she tells me that the Duckmobile may just be going to that big auto swap meet in the sky:

"The Duckmobile died and it doesn’t pay to put brakes into it, so it’s for sale."

She says the vehicle still runs - although stopping seems to be a problem.

Courtesy of Jen Maslow Ford
Courtesy of Jen Maslow Ford

Ford says she's now looking to sell the car, ducks and all. She says it may be a great eye-catcher for some businesses to buy and park it in front of their location.

So, how many ducks are attached inside and out? Ford says it's over 200 ducks of all shapes and sizes. For the last couple years, people have gifted Ford ducks to add to the collection.

Courtesy of Jen Maslow Ford
Courtesy of Jen Maslow Ford

It was during the height of the pandemic in Atlantic County that people started noticing the Duckmobile - and calling their favorite restaurant to specifically ask for a delivery from Ford and her ducky car.

Courtesy of Jen Maslow Ford
Courtesy of Jen Maslow Ford

Ford says the Duckmobile actually got its start before the pandemic. She has a lot of great stories about the car and what it's meant to local families:

"I delivered pizza to a nurse and her three daughters. I delivered to them twice a week for years and always talked to them. I didn't realize a global pandemic would happen. I didn't know that I would still deliver pizza to them and would no longer be able to talk to them or pick them up anymore. I would drop off pizza to them at their door in a bag and they would leave me a bag with money and ducks. I would see them through the window waving at me and it kept me going through the darkest days.  I knew that I would get in the car and smile ear to ear because of those three girls."

I wrote an article about "The Duck Car Lady" last year and the nice things that people said about her, like:

  • "I just saw the duck car at the bank."
  • "I saw the duck car at the liquor store."
  • "I saw the duck car at the pizza place."
  • "I saw the duck car at the traffic light!"
  • "I'm following the duck car right now!"
  • "I saw the duck car at Starbucks!"

If you're interested in purchasing the Duckmobile, please send me an email (joe.kelly@townsquaremedia.com) and I'll have the Duck Car Lady get back to you.

No word if another Duck Car is on the horizon. (Maybe a different-themed vehicle?)

I know I speak for many when I say, Jen Maslow Ford, thanks for brightening up so many people's days!

Courtesy of Jen Maslow Ford
Courtesy of Jen Maslow Ford

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