It's such a heartless crime.  What kind of person steals an elderly man's best pal and his only companion?  It happened to 86-year old Walter Fairbrother of Burlington County.  His dog Bess was stolen right off his porch.  Now, police and Walter want to know if you've seen this beloved canine.

Fairbrother tells he can't sleep at night and wonder all the time about his dog since her disappearance in October.

Authorities believe 1-year old Bess, a cane corso, was stolen by a woman who claimed she was from an animal rescue organization. Walter had been on his porch with Bess when the thief pulled up in a white minivan and offered to spay and groom the pup and return her in a few days. Fairbrother agreed, and that was the last time he saw his dog. The victim says he should have known something wasn't on the level when the woman offered her services for free.

Fairbrother has no close family nearby. Not only did his dog help him get around, she became his friend.

Riverside Township police say they investigated the kidnapping, following leads and combing over video from the area. However, police need new information to move the case forward.

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Bess, you are urged to called Riverside Twp. police at (856) 461-2526.

Maybe your tip can help reunite Walter and Bess in time for the new year!