Well, this is weird.

I ate lunch yesterday at a local chain restaurant and they made me eat my salad with a spoon.

That is weird right?

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The restaurant was the Chipotle restaurant on Tilton Road in Egg Harbor Township. I eat there usually once or twice a week. I can order a fairly healthy salad, and I'm in and out of there pretty quick.

So a co-worker and I went for lunch. He was in front of me in the line. He had his lunch made first, then I was up. I ordered the salad, told the worker behind the corner what I wanted on it and she quickly put it together.

As another person was ringing up my co-worker, he informed me that they were out of forks.

"I'm sorry, what?"

Then she chimed in, "We don't have any forks."

I said, "Well, that's not right."

Then as the cashier turned around to do something, he leaned over and said, "I think she's kidding."

It turns out she was not kidding. As we went to the little self-serve drink/napkin/lid/straw/utensil station, we found no forks. Just knives and spoons. In the fork holder-thingy, there were more spoons. So, it wasn't like they just ran out of forks.


I looked around and there were about a dozen people eating in the place - all with spoons.


I'm not familiar with the business plan of the Chipotle Corporation, but I'm pretty sure it's not, "Let them eat with spoons!"

So, why didn't someone from Chipotle just run next door to purchase some forks at the CVS? If not there, there's a big ol' Walmart less than I mile away. I mean, WHY ISN'T SOMEONE SOLVING THIS PROBLEM?

I don't know if a manager was on duty - but, someone needs to be in charge, right? Someone who works in the restaurant should know that, hey, "WE SHOULD PROVIDE FORKS TO OUR CUSTOMERS!"

I would think that if you are a restaurant, you do some sort of inventory check every once in a while, so somebody would know, "We might be running low on forks." I  would think that that would happen a few days before the place actually runs out of forks.

Is it because it's a national chain that a decision like going out to get forks couldn't be made? I've really got to know why no one was trying to solve the problem. Someone, please enlighten me!

PS. Eating a Chipotle salad with a spoon is doable. It's just not very fun.

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