If you're one of those people who just could not wait to get their Christmas lights up, you might be on to something! New research says people who decorate early for the holidays are actually happier.

According to the psychologist Steve McKeown, people are drawn to putting up decorations as soon as they can because of the nostalgic feeling it brings. For adults, the holidays are a time to relive the magic they felt during their childhoods. Hence, why people go crazy over Christmas specials and music.

Also, when people begin to feel stress and anxiety about the holiday season, decorations are a way to keep them happy and full of that Christmas feeling.

There have been other studies on how early Christmas music can cause anxiety because people begin to think of all the things they have to do. But, early Christmas decorating is sort of like crossing that task off your list of things to do.

So if you already have those Christmas lights and tree up in your living room, you're doing great sweetie. Enjoy the holiday!

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