Now that takes talent!

Just for creating a prom tuxedo out of nothing but duct tape, a New Jersey teen is now a finalist for a $10,000 scholarship.

The lucky student is Nicholas Matawa of Brick, who says his tuxedo only cost $90 to make. Not a bad profit margin if he wins!

Nicholas took 29 rolls of tape and 34 hours of his life and made a red, white, and blue tuxedo, with matching duct tape hat and a cane to complete to ensemble. The Brick Memorial student took his American flag tux to his prom back in May.

He goes on to say that he never thought he would have that many receipts for 29 rolls of duct tape in his life (yet somehow that wouldn't be enough for Jv Joe's Dad, a duct tape king), and got inspiration from the Duck Brand, the company running the scholarship contest.

Since being named a finalist, Matawa now has to send his tuxedo in to Ohio, where the Duck Brand HQ is. The winner will be announced on July 9th.

Check out the contest here and vote for Nicholas!

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