Had a fun boozy night out? Well drinking coffee may help to lessen the liver damage caused by a night out of drinking.

Two of my favorite things in life are finally combined: coffee and alcohol!

USA Today reports, if you drink two extra cups of coffee a day you can lessen the chance of getting liver damage due to alcohol. TWO extra cups? Sure, no problem!

Researchers found that that their participants experienced a 44% reduced risk of liver cirrhosis. Now, what's liver cirrhosis? It's a disease brought on by heavy or excessive drinking.

Currently over 1 million people die from liver cirrhosis, and has no cure. So, it is a pretty good thing to find a correlation between the disease and coffee.

Another thing one nutritionist wanted to remind people is that coffee still cannot completely undo the damage of drinking a lot. Needless to say, it's not an excuse to go crazy drinking either.

Hopefully this brings researchers closer to finding some sort of cure.

Source: USA Today


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