Think of brow lamination as a perm for your eyebrows. If your brows are thinning, overplucked or just a bit unruly, this simple process can make them look luscious and full ´— without any daily makeup application or upkeep.

I've been curious about what brow lamination could do for my caterpillar brows, so my aesthetician Kara wrangled them for me at my last visit to Dr. Lyle M. Back's office. The whole process took about 30 minutes and lasts up to a month.

I love the results. Now, I don't have to smear on the strongest brow gel I can find to keep my unruly brows in place. And, with the extra benefit of a brow tint, that was done at the same time as the lamination, I can ditch my usual three- to four-step process to sculpt my brows, which will save me time! We'd all appreciate a little extra time before we have to head out the door in the morning, right?

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For me, pampering myself with a brow lamination or a HydraFacial (which, BTW, is so much better than a traditional spa facial) is an important part of self-care. But they also are a great way to polish your look before the holidays and New Year's Eve.

My aesthetician Kara is excellent at what she does, and the whole staff at Dr. Lyle M. Back is so friendly and helpful. Get started today at or by calling 856-MAKEOVER. You can thank me later!

A Look Inside Heather's HydraFacials at Dr. Lyle M. Back

Heather's been getting regular HydraFacials since last fall and loves how they've improved her skin. They're so much more effective than spa facials: The traditional spa facial only focuses on the outer surface of the skin, whereas the HydraFacial works its way from the inner surface of the skin outward, sucking up all the dirt and oil from your face along the way.

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