If you've had a Mister Softee ice cream cone and it tasted a little weird...may be because it isn't. Well, technically.

According to NJ.com, two ice cream stands on the Wildwood boardwalk are using unlicensed Mister Softee products, and selling it without their permission.

So yes, it is Mister Softee but because their license was terminated on July 12, 2017, Mister Softee has no way of guaranteeing the quality of the ice cream. Basically, if you get sick don't blame their company!

The stands located on 3118 and 3806 Boardwalk, Wildwood were faulty on their payments, causing the termination. For now, Mister Softee has filed a lawsuit against Carl Gallucci who operates the two stands. If they win, Gallucci will be forced to remove all signs, labels, prints, etc. of the Mister Softee brand.

As a company, I could imagine the last thing you would want is someone getting sick and believing you're the cause. Especially when you're one of New Jersey's favorite ice cream places!

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