HACKENSACK — A GoFundMe campaign has raised more than $3,000 for a liver transplant patient now recovering from a broken leg, after she was involved in a "mask attack" incident being investigated by police.

Margot Kagan, of Teaneck, is a cancer survivor who underwent a successful liver transplant in March, according to a Facebook post shared by the woman's friend, Margaret Holloway Contreras.

According to the GoFundMe started by Hillary Goldberg, Kagan has "school aged children" in her public school district. She remained at Hackensack University Medical Center as of Sunday.

Kagan's medical issues have left her severely immunosuppressed, Contreras also said in her post, and she was wearing a mask, face shield and gloves when she went to a local Staples to fax some documents last week.

The personal protective equipment worn by Kagan can be seen in the store security camera footage shared by Hackensack Police, who have been searching for a suspect since Friday.

Police did not publicly identify Kagan but said the 54-year-old woman, who had surgery four months ago, had asked another female customer at the Staples on Hackensack Avenue to adjust her mask, seen in the video as hanging below her mouth.

In the surveillance video footage, Kagan can be seen standing at a machine, when the unidentified woman approaches her from around the clear plastic partition.

Kagan picks up her cane and points it at the woman, who grabs it and appears to throw Kagan to the floor.

Police have asked anyone with information about the unidentified woman involved in the incident to contact them at 201-646-7777 or via bergencrimestoppers.org.

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