If you grew up coming to the Jersey shore and riding the rides on the boardwalk, then you know as well as I do that rides come and go every few years.

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Where do they end up, though? The folks from the Wildwood Video Archive went out a few weeks ago to track down the whereabouts of one ride that was pretty popular among the collection on Morey's Piers that served multiple themes while stationed on the Wildwood boards.

The ride itself looks like something from outer space. Quite frankly, it looks like a flying saucer that would house a bunch of aliens coming to take over the Earth. I guess it's pretty appropriate then that I'm referring to the old Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Star Trek ride that once called Wildwood home. Like I previously mentioned, the ride switched up its theme multiple times, but always stuck with the same underlying genre: Sci-Fi and outer space.

As described in their video posted to Youtube, Wildwood Video Archive explains that the ride was actually a prefabbed home from the 60s called a Futuro home. It was supposed to symbolize the future and what life would be like well, now. I guess the Finnish designer who conceptualized the idea never got to see that reality come to fruition.

The remnants are located in Greenwich, NJ along the bay. It has basically been reduced to a piece of dilapidated material now, but its shape and windows are still in tact. Check out the video below:

Source: Youtube.com

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