If you live in Camden I'm sure you have seen the new 8-foot statue that sits at Wiggins Park Promenade along the Camden Waterfront. The unveiling happened earlier this month that featured a parade and ceremony in honor of the late great  Arnold Cream aka Jersey Joe Walcott.

I'll be honest, when I first saw it I had no idea who it was. I was in the area the other day and was amazed at how big and vibrant the statue looked. Once I found out the statue was Jersey Joe Walcott I immediately did some homework and research into his legacy.

Jersey Joe Walcott was to Jersey what Rocky was to Philly. Point blank period. Jersey Joe Walcott was a heavyweight boxer who fought from 1930 to 1953. In fact, he held the title for the oldest man to win the heavyweight champion title at 37 years old. He was a legend and he belonged to the Garden State.

A statue in his honor has been long overdue for this man. And now he has a huge bronze statue that overlooks the water. According to Courier Post Online, nearby he also has a street in his honor called Delaware Avenue and Jersey Joe Walcott Boulevard.

Commissioner  Director Louis Cappelli, Jr. described Jersey Joe Walcott as "so much more than a boxer and sheriff, he was a man who loved his family and worked hard creating an everlasting picture of greatness for our community that will now live forever at the waterfront.”

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