The Summer of SoJO is here and it's time to turn up the music a little louder, especially on Saturday nights! We're thrilled to welcome back South Jersey DJ Lou DiMarco and his creative music mixes for Saturday Night Summer Jam on SoJO!

Saturday Night Summer Jam airs Saturday night from 10-midnight on SoJO. It's two full hours of remixes of all your favorite SoJO songs and fun throwbacks, with limited commercial interruption! It's perfect to turn on getting ready to go out, hanging with friends, or wherever your weekend plans take you in South Jersey! And it's even more convenient to take along when you download the free SoJO app or bring Alexa out to the pool.

DJ Lou DiMarco is not just a SoJO commodity, you can have him at your special event to entertain your guests! He's the master at building playlists that cater to your music tastes. He's got this crazy cool prop called the Magic Mirror Photo Booth that lets you and your party goers engage in a magical, interactive selfie experience full of sound animations. It's definitely unique way to make a memory of your special occasion.

courtesy Lou DiMarco
courtesy Lou DiMarco

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