Disney has announced that both theme parks will charge different prices according to the time of the year.

Hopefully this helps when it comes time to budget and plan a trip for the family! Disney announced on their blog that their calendar will be divided in three categories: Value, Regular and Peak.

So during 'Value' period the pricing will be $105 for a ONE-DAY ticket to Disney's Magic Kingdom. 'Regular' pricing will be $110 and 'Peak' will be priced at $124.

I'm assuming that 'Peak' periods will be during summer months, as well as holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Fourth of July. Meanwhile, 'Regular' would be the spring season, and 'Value' in the awkward months no one usually considers going like February.

There's still no clear calendar schedule, but Disney plans to post prices in advance.

Disney will be placing this system in effect soon. I guess we shall see how it plans out for both Disney theme parks.

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Source: Disney | CNN Money