You say you're from Jersey but are you really from Jersey?

Our state is small, but it's diverse. From beaches to hiking trails to world-famous art museums to a giant novelty elephant. New Jersey has it all.

The question is, how much of our great Garden State have you actually been to?

Maybe you've seen these attractions as a child, on a field trip, or on a mini getaway at some point.

Some of these places are fun, and almost all of them carry a lot of history.

Chances are there are one or two locations that you've never even heard of before. That's ok. Same here.

Listen, you're a busy person, and I'm sure you get out as much as possible.

And sometimes when you are in the mood to "travel," New Jersey is the last place on your mind. I get it. We all have to get out of the "NJ bubble" from time to time.

I promise after going through this list you will have a renewed appreciation for the state we call home.

I really want to know how many of these attractions you've been to.

Also, tell me if there are any famous or noteworthy spots that are missing because I would love to check them out.

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It's time to see how much of the great Garden State you've explored. Perhaps this is the start of a nice bucket list.

How Many of These Popular New Jersey Attractions Have You Been To?

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