Safe in Austin is a non profit organization in Austin, Texas. Their mission statement is that they "rescue the animals that need us, so they can turn around and rescue the children that need them even more." That is a meaningful mission. Recently, a story about a baby cow they took in went viral and for a very good reason.

Her name is Ruby Sue and she is less than 3 weeks old. Ruby Sue was born with "Curly Calf Syndrome," which affects her spine, hips, and rear legs which are fused together. She was able to take her first steps over the recently thanks to a wheelchair designed by the company "Walkin' Pets" which is based in Amherst, New Hampshire.

Safe in Austin heard about their Ruby Sue story reaching the masses. They took to their Facebook page to give us an update.

They informed us that Ruby Sue's story is even more unique than we may realize. She is the first full breed Red Angus calf to survive her diagnosis. Despite not having any function in the bottom half of her body, Ruby is as happy and healthy as she can be. They don't know what her future holds yet or what her options will look like once she is full grown. What they do know is that she is pure love and light and she’s already touched so many hearts in her first three weeks of life.

They end the post with the most beautiful quote that anyone who has rescued an animal can relate to:

"Rescue an animal and they will rescue you right back".


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