There's a new conspiracy theory circulating, and it involves LuLaRoe! Reportedly a woman faked her DEATH, just to get her hands on the "Amelia" dress.

Yahoo! reports, a LuLaRoe consultant posted THIS wild tale on her Facebook page:

Let's list ALL the weirdness that just went on:

  • Her mother appears to have a stroke in the very beginning, why disclose to this?!
  • Her husband (in the midst of her sudden death) thinks of this dress, to bury her?
  • She is back to life again after the mention of "free" LuLaRoe item (don't blame her)
  • JUMPS at the opportunity of a free item, no hesitation
  • Plays stupid when confronted about her husband
  • No, kidding, doesn't play stupid -- she was hacked
  • POLICE get a Facebook hacking
  • Find the person responsible almost immediately

All for a LuLaRoe dress.

This is scamming to a new extreme. Reportedly, the same person also cancelled a check after buying leggings from another Lularoe consultant. S-H-A-D-Y!

Even worse, no one even knows if the real Jennifer is alive or dead.

At least LuLaroe's Facebook group have a good sense of humor on the situation. Yahoo! says the hashtag #JennifersAlive was trending, with comments such as "This Amelia is to die for." Ha, get it?

Ah, another day, another scammer.

Read the FULL transcript on Yahoo! it'll take you for a doozy.

Source: Yahoo!

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