Last week, when we noticed a local Rita's Water Ice store had been demolished, seemingly out of the blue, we assumed it had to be a casualty of a planned Super Wawa. Now, we've learned it's that and MORE.

Rita's, on the corner of Blackwood-Clementon Road and Cherrywood Drive in Clementon, was reduced to rubble last week, and this week Entenmann's Bakery right next door met the same fate.

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Google Maps

Beyond that, as you move towards Laurel Road, the old Pizza Hut and Nifty Fifty's restaurants look to be next, as well as a former medical office.

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Google Maps

The whole landscape of that part of Gloucester Twp. is totally transforming!

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While Super Wawa will reportedly occupy the land where Rita's and Entenmann's used to be, just next to it is slated to become a car wash called ModWash, according to 42 Freeway.

Modern Brush Car Wash Blue Color Graded Concept.

It wasn't so long ago that the future of 'business' on Blackwood-Clementon Road looked bleak. SO MUCH has closed down, from Stone Grill, to Friendly's, to Denny's, to Shoe Dept., to East Side Mario's. My family used to be so disappointed by the sudden lack of places to eat.

Now, slowly, that stretch is coming back to life. reminds us that ShopRite has already signed on to move into the old K-Mart, Royal Farms has been operating for a couple years now, Chipotle just took over Denny's (with a wing spot opened soon), there's a brand new Burger King, and there's even going to be a Giant Fitness at some point.

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