Life of late has been a series of canceled concert announcements, closed bars & various other recreational spots, all the while combined with the uncertainty of what the next few months will hold.

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While you may be growing weary of life in quarantine, it's important to remember that life will eventually return to normal. In the meantime, it's essential that you take heed to the warnings of our leaders and advice from chief medical personnel.

Since we're all on lockdown, we can't help but think about going outside and heading to our favorite spots. It's getting warmer outside, so obviously, we're all super excited about hopefully being able to get to the beach a couple of times at least before the summer's over. A video shot of a deer gallivanting on a beach has surfaced online via Facebook that shows this thing clearly living its absolute best life. It is seen sprinting, jumping, and prancing through the waves giving a lot of people some serious FOMO. WATCH:

No doubt, we all wish we could trade places with this guy (or gal), but for now, let's just marvel at the rarity this moment truly is. Could you imagine walking on the beach and seeing this? Wild.



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