Just about everyone knows traffic in the great Garden State is hectic even on the best of days, however, you probably didn't know that six of the most dangerous intersections in America are right here in New Jersey.

In fact, two intersections here are tied for the most dangerous in the nation.

That's what a comprehensive study by the Fang Law Group found that looked at 20 years of fatal crash data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The basis of their study is as follows: there are over 15.8 million intersections in the continental United States. They considered a "dangerous" intersection to be one where there were at least three fatal crashes, which drops that number down to just over 1,800, or only about 0.1% of intersections in America.

Per their research, the top three deadliest intersections in America are in New Jersey and three more are in the top 30.

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One of those intersections is along Route 129 in Trenton where Mayor Reed Gusciora told WPVI-TV, "it doesn't make good for when we have a senior center just across the street and a shopping center on this side. We've met with the state DOT. They have pledged to do traffic calming devices, but as you can see, they're coming off a state highway at a high speed and then come to a residential intersection."

A ranking of the deadliest intersections in New Jersey is below. You can also visit their website for an interactive map which allows you to view the nastiest intersections in your county or neighborhood.

For example, some bad intersections in South Jersey are in Absecon at the White Horse Pike and Mill Road, and West Jersey and Fernwood Avenues in Egg Harbor Township. There were four and three fatal accidents there, respectively, between 2000 and 2019.

West Jersey and Fernwood Avenues in Egg Harbor Township NJ - Photo: Google Maps
West Jersey and Fernwood Avenues in Egg Harbor Township NJ - Photo: Google Maps

Elsewhere, County Routes 611 and 677 in Salem County, Route 77 and County Route 618 in Gloucester County, and Route 38 and Longwood Avenue in Cherry Hill are among the most dangerous.

Study: Six of the top 30 deadliest intersections in America are in NJ

Analysis of NHTSA data by the Fang Law Firm determined these six intersections are among the deadliest in the nation.

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