The greatness of actor John Cusack has been shown over the last 30 years from teen star to eclectic adult actor who can do any genre, but one moment in film continues to withstand the test of time (see photo).  Recently Cusack showed some love to his 80s past at a recent concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

In a career that spans over 60 films, the 46-yr-old Cusack has been a comic relief (Class and 16 Candles), the teenage hero (The Sure Thing, Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer come to mind), the man we could identify with (High Fidelity, Serendipity, and Grace Is Gone for example), the man at the center of a thriller (Runaway Jury, Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil, City Hall), and the offbeat roles he shines in (Being John Malkovich, Grosse Pointe Blank, and The Raven stand out).  With this list I'm still leaving up many great films of John's career - like Say Anything!

Cusack's 1989 role as Lloyd Dobbler ("I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen") brought a memorable moment where he tried to win back the girl he loves (Daine Court, played by Ione Skye) by driving out in front of her house, pulling out a boombox and having "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel cranked up, then the pose that has become one of the most memorable moments in film history (the original trailer has part of that scene about 1:45 in).

Recently Cusack surprised Peter Gabriel at his concert in the L.A. area, coming on stage and paying a tribute of sorts to his Lloyd character (the video has the moment in the 1st minute).

Gabriel apparently invited Cusack back for another night after the surprise, and this night saw fllm creator Cameron Crowe join in.  This time Gabriel makes the famous Dobbler pose from the movie.

Look for John Cusack next week in theaters with a film that may garner him his 1st Oscar nomination - The Paperboy opposite Matthew McConaughey and Nicole Kidman.


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