We've begun to wonder if Tuckahoe Bike Shop is readying a new location in Northfield.

Two things caught my attention last week. 1) The Honey Tree health and nutrition shop in Tilton Shopping Center off Tilton Road has closed. 2) A Tuckahoe Bike Shop truck was parked outside the now-vacant store and workers appeared to be inside clearing the space.

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On Tuckahoe Bike Shop's official website, five locations are listed: Woodbine, Ocean City, Avalon, Sea Isle, AND 331 Tilton Rd. in Northfield, which is the address of Tilton Shopping Center.

Unless there's already a Northfield store and I just can't picture it, hmm.

If my suspicions are on point, Tilton Bike Shop would be moving into Northfield at a very opportune time, with Beacon Cycling just up the road going out of of business.

I couldn't find any announcement on the bike shop's socials, but we'll keep ya posted!

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