“Most women spend thousands on their wedding dress,” Chi Krneta wrote on Reddit next to photos of a bridal gown she crocheted with her own two hands.  Krneta crafted the garment during her morning bus commute to work!

It took the bride-to-be about five months to complete the one-of-a-kind gown during her 50 minute commute each day in Seattle, Washington .  The cost?  Just $30 worth of yarn.

"I crochet a lot on the bus during my commute and have made other things like hats, scarves, and shorter dresses,” Krneta told ABC News. “I knew I wanted to design and make my own wedding dress (I also sew) and figured that crocheting it would be the most efficient way to accomplish it."

Krneta was married on July 26, a ceremony she wishes her grandmother were alive to attend.  She says part of the reason for crocheting her gown was to make her feel closer to the woman who taught her the craft as a young girl.

Krneta, an architect, says she approached the design for her gown as she would any architectural project.