This coronavirus pandemic has kept us all away from our normal lives and put many businesses in turmoil. Dining out at restaurants was something many people were doing once or maybe even twice a week before Governor Murphy closed the ones in New Jersey. Restaurants were closed for weeks and then some opened only for curbside pickup, but still suffered severely and some won't even be able to open their doors once patrons are allowed back in. Cracker Barrel is a restaurant that sells old country comfort food and the dining room is made to look and feel like you're sitting in your grandma's dining room. It's so cute. If you've never been, I suggest once they open again, you go. Especially because they are adding some new things to their menus.

Delish reports, that Cracker Barrel is adding beer and wine to their menus to hopefully boost some sales that they lost during the coronavirus pandemic. As of right now, there are 20 restaurants adding alcohol and I am hoping that the location in the Hamilton Marketplace will be one of them, since that is the one that is closest to my house. I'm sure once the Cracker Barrel restaurants are open again, you'll see huge signs that advertise the additions. I'm looking forward to having some alcohol with my comfort food, especially because Delish says, they will be offering mimosas and Cracker Barrel's breakfast is the bomb.

Cracker Barrel says they will still continue to-go's and curbside pickup for those who aren't comfortable coming back to their restaurants just yet. For more info, check out this article on

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