If you've chosen to get vaccinated, then you can thank someone from our neck of the woods who can help you protect that record.

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Whether or not you've chosen to get your COVID-19 vaccine, you can probably understand why someone who has, in fact, chosen to get the jab would want to protect that record. For one, many are already recommending boosters to the vaccine, so the lines on that little card are already starting to fill up.

A 14-year-old from Linwood, NJ, has already thought about what might happen if people don't get the card laminated. 6abc.com reports that teenager Joseph D'Alessandro has been aware of that idea for quite some time now and has taken it upon himself to invent something that will help not only adults, but now even teenagers and kids, with preserving their COVID-19 vaccination cards.

They're called the "Vax Packs". Their purpose? To protect your vaccination cards from everything from wrinkles to spills. If you're a vaccinated person with young children who frequently leaves your vaccination card inside your purse along with your young children's drinks and snacks, then you can see why this invention may be beneficial to you.

The idea came to D'Alessandro reportedly from watching both his parents and grandparents get vaccinated and trying to laminate their cards on their own.

D'Alessandro isn't even reaping all the benefits, either. In fact, he's donated a lot of the proceeds of his invention to a cause that's close to his heart, the AtlantiCare Foundation. Take a look at the reason why HERE.

Source: 6abc.com

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