Or the creepiest?


You might like or remember the song 'Into the Night' by Benny Mardones.  Chances are you've probably heard it while sitting in a lobby waiting for your doctor or dentist.


There are so many things wrong with this music video.  Let's start with the obvious:

Benny is love with a 16-year old girl, and I'm thinking he's 33.

At one point, he's literally staring at her through her bedroom window.

There's a super long scene where he's singing in a payphone.

He brings a random rug in her house, and then they fly away like it's a magic carpet or something.

At the end, he ends up making out with the 16-year old on the magic carpet.



Can you find a worse music video than this one? Feel free to let me know by commenting below.  Good luck, I don't think you can.