Well, that didn’t take long...

Below you will see the trailer for Corona, the first movie — as far as we know — made about the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe. It was directed by Canadian filmmaker Mostafa Keshvari, whose IMDb page says he’s based in Vancouver and has made numerous other shorts and films in the past.

This movie is set inside an elevator that gets stuck, while the people inside become more and more consumed with fear that one or more of them could be infected with coronavirus. (One of the men even appears to be a Nazi. This does not look like a fun elevator to be in.)

Here’s the trailer for the film:

If the tagline sounds familiar, that’s because it’s almost identical to the one from Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion, the 2011 pandemic thriller that has seen renewed relevance in light of coronavirus. (Contagion’s tagline was “Nothing spreads like fear.”) The synopsis for Corona on its YouTube page is: “When unlikely neighbours are trapped in an elevator with a Coronavirus suspect, fear and racism spread among them faster than virus.”

The YouTube page also says that “worldwide distribution” rights are available, so if you’re feeling like an enterprising film distributor, go there to inquire about this motion picture. I just wouldn’t expect to put it in a movie theater any time soon.

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