You may have never given it too much thought before, but when you actually sit back and think about, certain parts of South Jersey really are creepy.

One such place is right in Maurice River Township, Cumberland County.

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There are quite a few reasons to venture out to the one specific section of the township where you'll find the East Point Lighthouse. Once a lifesaver to ships out in the bay, the East Point Lighthouse is still a pretty popular tourist attraction in that area. You can tour the lighthouse, explore the beautiful beaches along the Delaware Bay, and even take a look at the sunken boat that's now beached right on the shoreline.

If you've never heard of that specific wreck, here's a little backstory for you.

Along the shores of Delaware Bay near the East Point Lighthouse, you'll find an old fishing boat that is slowly being overtaken by the sea. That boat was once thought to be known as the "Hazel Moore." Apparently, that wasn't the ship's true name. After one local Youtuber decided to investigate further, he found out it was actually called "The Fremont." It was a fishing boat that ran aground before it could be turned into a restaurant.

You see, the ship was out of commission from the fishing industry at the time it hit land. It was about to find new life with its new owners, the Nelson family, but it never came to pass. They, reportedly, planned on gutting the entire vessel to turn it into a cute little café right along the Maurice River. Since the boat hit a sandbar prior to making it to the desired destination, it has sat in that same spot for a few decades now.

A Youtuber decided to take a closer look at the boat to give viewers a look at what the sea has done to it thus far. WATCH:

Source: Youtube

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