A 45-foot party bus? I'm in!


The Atlantic City Alliance unveiled it's latest marketing strategy.  According to NBC 40, the DO AC Nightlife Party Bus will feature ' its own DJ and features a lounge type atmosphere for the 30 club-goers on board.


The DO AC Nightlife party bus will be making random stops in nearby cities on the East Coast, the first being Philadelphia.

Starting Friday January 24th, through February 16th, the bus will head into Philadelphia; grab people out of line at popular nightclubs; bring them to Atlantic City for the VIP experience; and will then drive them back to Philadelphia early the next morning.

Officials want consumers to use the hashtag #DOACNightlife to follow the bus and to get clues about where it’s going.


Hey it would be like going to school or summer camp again, except you're going to a club.  Better get to the bus stop on time!


Are you on board?

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