Governor Chris Christie is leading the Jersey Shore's welcome to summer by cutting a symbolic ribbon on NBC's Today Show  live from the beach in Seaside Heights.

Governor Christie and wife Mary Pat cut a ribbon on NBC's stage (Twitter via #TODAYAtJerseyShore)

The weather is not ideal for the first unofficial weekend of summer but the message doesn't change: the Jersey Shore is open and ready for summer.

Wielding a giant pair of scissors, Christie and wife Mary Pat cut a symbolic blue ribbon on the set of the Today show.

Host Matt Lauer and Christie walked down the boardwalk for an interview after the Governor's original plan to co-host was changed due to concerns about equal time laws.

Not Much Difference

Lauer he put New Jersey's recovery from Sandy at 8 on a scale of 1-10. "Here on the boardwalk people will see it as about an eight out of ten when they start coming here in June but for a lot of the home observers in the state it will take the better part of the next year to get them back."

He said a $25 million advertising campaign will help anyone who has doubts the Shore is ready for summer. "For probably 80 percent of the Jersey shore, you won't notice any difference at all from last summer."

Revisiting Old Criticism?

Governor Christie and Matt Lauer (L) on the Seaside Heights boardwalk (NBC)

Lauer asked Christie about what political implications of another visit from President Obama will be after he was heavily criticized for being cordial and co-operative with the President in the days after the storm hit last October.  "I think what people in my state want more than anything else is for me to do my job and the. the wants to come back here and see the progress and look at it himself, I never worry about that. I'm doing my job," replied Christie.

Lauer also brought up the National Hurricane Center prediction of 3-6 category 3 hurricanes developing in the Atlantic this season. "We gave at the office last year. i think the hurricanes will bypass us but we'll be ready as we were last year but of course we're concerned." He also reaffirmed that he does not believe that climate change was responsible for Sandy calling it "esoteric thories" that he doesn't have time for.

Christie offered an update on his weight loss and told Lauer he "feels good. Things are going well."

The band fun. will also perform from Seaside Heights.Mary Pat Christie will appear on the show sold at 9 a.m.

A Day At The Shore

5 mile ribbon on the beach in Seaside Heights (Twitter via @TODAYAtTheJerseyShore)

The Governor will then spend the day cutting ribbons to official mark the opening of New Jersey's beaches with appearances in Seaside Heights, Point Pleasant Beach and Bradley Beach, Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno will do the same duties in Sea Isle City and Avalon today.

Christie has spent much of the week helping to reopen boardwalks in Belmar and Lavallette as well as attending the grand opening of the Margarittaville complex inside Resorts in Atlantic City yesterday and plans to spend much the Memorial Day holiday weekend getting out the message that the Jersey Shore is "stronger than the storm."

President Obama will return to New Jersey on Tuesday and tour the coastline with Christie to speak about the need to expand economic opportunities for middle-class families hit by the storm. He plans to meet with business and home owners who have benefitted from the recovery.

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