Talk about having a bad Monday.

A tractor-trailer hauling chicken waste products was involved in a crash with a car on Rt. 55 northbound Monday at about 9 am causing the trailer to spill its load onto the highway, closing the road for much of the day.

No injuries were reported as a result of the accident, but this accident site was one not soon to be forgotten.

The nasty spill took most of the day to be remedied as the hauler worked with NJ state officials to ensure proper cleanup. Gloucester County Haz-Mat assisted with the cleanup efforts and Gloucester County & state health and environmental services monitored the situation.

For several hours, all traffic was diverted from Rt. 55 Northbound to Exit 58-- the Deptford Mall exit -- waiting for the NJ State Police to reopen the roadway.

A little after 1 pm, the chicken clean-up crew was able to open one lane of Rt 55 to allow traffic to pass.

All northbound lanes of Rt. 55 finally reopened at about 6 pm.

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