Cherry Hill native, Katie Scott, accomplished the biggest open water swim of her life after swimming the English Channel.

May I just say, the first thing I thought was that Katie is a TOTAL bad-a**?!

Jersey women showed off their athletic skills during the Olympics, and now we have a South Jersey native swimming the English Channel. Incredible!

In an article with Courier-Post, Katie says the swim was 21-miles from England to France in 60-degree water. How does one find motivation to keep going?

She says the best piece of advice was to "just keep swimming," [sic]"Take it one stroke at a time." Also, the support of her friends and family helped her get through it.

The swim took her 13 hours in total which she describes as swimming into "nothing but an empty body of water with no finish line in sight."

Talk about a pretty intimidating and terrifying image!

Katie Scott is originally from Cherry Hill, but currently resides in Arlington, VA.

Read her incredible story on Courier-Post.




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