It's probably one of the most unique lighthouses that exists today. Not because of how the lighthouse was built, but because of where it's located.

The Little Red Lighthouse, as it's famously known, is a 40-foot-tall lighthouse located almost underneath the George Washington Bridge. And even though it's on the New York side of the Hudson, It can easily be viewed from Fort Lee, NJ.

But this little lighthouse was put there for a reason. Prior to the George Washington Bridge being built, the lighthouse was moved there in 1921 to warn river traffic of the dangerous boulders and rocks that exist on the New York side along the shoreline.

When construction of the bridge was completed in 1931, the need for this particular lighthouse to exist was no longer needed.

Little Red Lighthouse underneath the George Washington Bridge
Google Maps

But residents at the time didn't want the lighthouse to be moved. Thanks to that movement, this very unique little beacon was saved and remains in place today.

What's really cool about this lighthouse is how big it looks when viewed from the New Jersey side of the river. It really helps to appreciate the sheer size and scope of the lighthouse when compared to the GW.

The lighthouse itself is 40 feet tall but yet appears insignificant when viewed with the grandness of the giant bridge built almost right above it.

George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee, NJ
Google Maps

Look closely at that little red mark along the right shoreline of the bridge in the photo above. That's the 40-foot-tall lighthouse across the Hudson.

Such a cool comparison for sure. And even though this isn't technically a New Jersey lighthouse, it did play a crucial role with river navigation that directly affected New Jersey.

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