When it comes to the winter, South Jersey isn't the most desirable destination.

However, there is one Southern New Jersey town that is worth visiting in the winter.

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There was a survey by a well-respected travel magazine that landed one popular South Jersey town on the list as one of the Top 40 prettiest to escape during winter months across the United States.

Country Living Magazine picked 40 quaint towns for their historic architecture, snowfall, dramatic landscapes, and more. They also boast ski mountains nearby, holiday festivities, and cozy cabin escapes.

Coming in at number nine on the list of towns with the prettiest winter escapes is a no-brainer. It's Cape May.

Don't forget about beach destinations in the winter. Picturesque Cape May is a Victorian-era resort town with a shop-lined main street that's particularly festive during the holidays. No, you probably won't be spending much time on the beach, but you can book a stay in a cozy B&B.

Located at the most southern tip of New Jersey, Cape May lands in the Top 10 and comes in at number 9 on the list. It finishes so high because of its picturesque Victorian houses, and its downtown shopping, which is extra festive at Christmas time.

They offer plenty of shopping, dining, wineries, breweries to sample, and more.

Don't forget Cape May, along with Atlantic City were just named as two of the top US destinations to visit for Christmas, so make sure to check them out this holiday season!

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Cape May is a great destination for South Jersey locals and vacationers alike who want to experience a great blend of historical and modern decorum.

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