If you're a Hallmark Channel devotee, you might have notice Cape May popped up in one of its new Christmas movies. Miss it? Here's what to look for.

There are few places in New Jersey more festive during the holidays than Cape May. Between Congress Hall, Washington Street Mall, and all the Victorian-era homes, the whole place just LOOKS like it belongs in a Christmas movie.

It's why I'm wondering what took Hallmark Channel so long to come to that same conclusion.

Now, I don't really dedicate myself to watching the Hallmark Channel. I may stumble upon it on the weekend and leave it on for a bit, but I don't have it on 24/7. So, thanks to Wildwood Video Archive for pointing out that our beautiful Cape May was recently featured in the premiere of the Hallmark Channel Christmas movie 'Christmas at the Golden Dragon'.

courtesy Timeless Pictures; Hallmark Channel; iMDb
courtesy Timeless Pictures; Hallmark Channel; iMDb

Wildwood Video Archive writes, 'At the 55-minute mark, [filmakers] made a quick outside shot before moving into a restaurant scene, and BOOM… There was Cape May.' Their website goes on to say, 'It was only about three seconds long but it showed a snowy Washington Street Mall. It looked like something they most likely purchased off of a stock movie image site but it was still so much fun to ‘see’ Cape May on the Hallmark Channel.'

Washington Street Mall
Washington Street Mall/Facebook

Here's the storyline of 'Christmas at the Golden Dragon', according to iMDb: 'When a beloved Midwestern Chinese restaurant announces its closing right before Christmas, it prompts their clientele to re-examine their relationships in a series of interconnected stories amid the chaos of its busiest week of the year.'

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courtesy Timeless Pictures; Hallmark Channel; iMDb
courtesy Timeless Pictures; Hallmark Channel; iMDb

So next time you see that movie title come up on the Hallmark Channel guide, sit down and watch or press 'record', and see if you can spot Washington Street Mall.

And I agree with Wildwood Video Archive. Cape May is special enough to have a WHOLE Christmas movie of its very own. Picture this: 'Big time movie star returns to hometown to visit his ailing mother, only to fall in love with a local candy store owner.' Voila! Are you reading this, Hallmark?

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