With no end to the shutdown in sight, the Coast Guard in Cape May are being taught how to apply for various government assistance programs.

NJ.com reports that a division of social services will head to the Cape May Coast Guard this week to provide financial assistance information to the 1,000 federal employees still not getting paid due to the shutdown.

Local efforts to support the Coast Guard include those of the Jersey Cape Military Spouses Club, a group of South Jersey residents that have spouses from all branches of the service. They're collecting everything from canned food to laundry detergent for those suffering from the shutdown.

The last time these service men and women were paid was December 31st according to NJ.com, therefore today marks 24 days without a paycheck.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from information on government assistance programs or how to apply, head to the Cape May Division of Social Services in Rio Grande right off of Route 9.

Source: NJ.com

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