Whitney Ullman: Social media correspondent, friend to the stars, you see her on Fox 29...but here on The Mike Show, she's our resident Yo Mama jokester.

And each week, she comes on 'The Mike Show' to give us her best shot. Ready, for this round?

  • Yo Mama soooo FAT... she's in the Guinness Book of Records from pages 101 - 502
  • Yo Mama soooo stupid...she stared at a FORD for HOURS, because it said FOCUS
  • Yo Mama soooo FAT...when God said let there be light, he moved her out of the way


  • The thing about Yo Mama jokes is that they've all be overly used...like your mom.

Can you beat Whitney's Yo Mama jokes?

[disclaimer this is NO offense at anyone's mama. Any jokes similar to your mama is purely coincidental]

Catch Whitney Ullman on the Mike Show on Wednesdays for Whitney Wednesday. You can follow her on everything with the handle @GoToWhitney.

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