When the 2011-2012 TV season is looked back on, we will see that the shows on Cable have created the bigger buzz than the networks, but one show needs to be recognized.  Took my girlfriend's daughter (turning 13) to point out that there is hope for scripted comedies thanks to Zooey Deschanel.  Could 2012 be the year of the New Girl (thanks to FOX), making her the "It Girl" for 2012?

Descahnel was already carving out a solid acting career on the big screen.  Her resume had seen over a 4-year period establish herself in 8 film projects that included The Good Girl, the Oscar winning Almost Famous, and her 1st lead role in All The Real Girls - making critics take notice of her talent.

Having already with numerous former Oscar nominees, and some of the bigger names from television, many people came to discover Zooey during the holidays of 2003, opposite Will Ferrell in Elf.  She charmed audiences as Jovie, has Buddy Elf smitten, and many discovered her singing voice that shined beyond the movie.  The Elf soundtrack CD has sold about 1 Million on the strength of her version of "Baby It's Cold Outside" with Leon Redbone.  The song is now a new holiday classic, and her singing is now more a part of her career than ever.

In 2008 opposite Jim Carrey in Yes Man, Zooey's character Allison was a photographer by day, and rock singer by night, and created the funniest parts in this flick.  Her next film in 2009 saw her sing and dance her way with Joseph Gordon-Leavitt through one of the best films of that year - 500 Days of Summer.

So why would this "A-List" movie actress decide to make the shift to television?  Many significant names were coming to TV this season - from James Caviezel (who played Christ in The Passion of The Christ) and former Oscar nominee Taraji P. Henson (for Benjamin Button) in Person Of Interest, to former teen star Christina Ricci in Pan Am, and multiple Emmy winner Kelsey Grammer in Boss (on STARZ).  Zooey became a part of this trend - making this the perfect year to make this somewhat risky shift to the smaller screen.  Her sister Emily had to be a good influence in making this transition seamless - Emily Deschanel has starred for FOX in Bones for nearly 7 seasons.

After seeing the show's recent valentine's Day episode, I see why many have acclaimed this show The Best New Comedy of the Season.  Zooey is riveting, extremely funny, a little goofy, but all points adorable.  You may have not discovered New Girl yet on FOX, but you can get caught up On Demand (which I plan to do).  You will find this show will have just about every age group laughing, and feeling what Jess (Zooey's character) is going through trying to be single, at times not being great at it, and wanting something special with the help roommates.

What makes Zooey Deschanel the potential "It Girl" for 2012 is that her musical talent is now gaining momentum as her TV career is starting to explode.  With a recent Golden Globe nomination for Best Comedy Actress in New Girl, Zooey added a Grammy nomination for her singing talent in the rebirth of Winnie The Pooh last year (making you wonder why Oscar did not reward her with a Best Song nomination).  The clincher for 2012 and "It Girl" will be based on her song Hey Girl - the main theme to her TV show.  The video for the song has been featured on the end of the latest New Girl episode when you watch On Demand.  The song is fun pop that you'll find getting into your head, and you'll want to hear it over and over.

Here is the start of your addiction to New Girl.  Enjoy the song, and may this song become one of the most requested songs of 2012!