A Runnemede mom is warning parents after her 12-year-old daughter found a 2-inch sewing needle inside her tootsie roll.

While I thought it was urban myth that people put needles in candy, now that I know it's true...this is disgusting for someone to do!

Charlene Wagoner tells 6abc News, her daughter took a tootsie roll from her bag and split it in half to save some for later. When she broke the Tootsie Roll, she found the needle!

Immediately, Charlene took photos of the needle right away and alerted Runnemede police who confiscated the candy.

Charlene's daughter was lucky to have discovered the needle before swallowing the candy. No other pieces of her candy have been tampered with. As of now, Runnemede Police are urging parents to go through their halloween candy before giving it to their child.

There are no other cases in Camden County, and police are investigating to find the house responsible.

To check if your halloween candy is safe to eat, click the button below for some tips.

Source: 6abc News

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