She has the most dominant song on the SoJO 7@7 Countdown, and has had that honor for the last few weeks.  "Call Me Maybe" has gone #1 in at least 10 countries in the world, and has made Carly Rae Jepsen a pop star, but her recent mix of the song has her going viral again!

Jepsen has gone from being a 3rd place finisher on the now defunct Canadian Idol 5 years ago, to releasing her debut CD in 2008 and scoring two hit singles in Canada including the CRMA (Canadian Radio Music Award) Best Song "Tug Of War" in 2010 .

The worldwide break came from Justin Bieber, when he signed Carly to his own label (with distribution through Interscope Records).  Her hit song had been out for months when Bieber signed her, but a video came out a few days after the signing that featured Selena Gomez, Big Time Rush, Ashley Tisdale and the Bieber dancing and lip-synching to the song.  That version of her video has seen over 42 Million views on YouTube.  Take 2 other video versions (the official video and the Lyric version) and another 150Million + views later, you have a viral sensation and a Pop Star!

Now Jepsen shows her fun side with the genius that is Jimmy Fallon along with The Roots.  Before her recent appearance on Late Night, Carly with the crew from the NBC show and did her hit song with what looks like instruments you would find in an elementary school music room.  See Carly on the toy triangle, and see if you can spot the kazoo, the Fisher-Price looking xylophone (with the wheels on them), and the ukulele in this new viral sensation - over 2 Million views in less that 72 hours.

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