A Burlington County high school teacher is facing criminal charges for sharing his foot fetish with a student.

A good teacher is one that has an open and reciprocal dialogue with the kids in their class as a way of building trust. But this one went way over the line and abused that trust.

Edward Del Russo, a 43-year-old educator at Northern Burlington County Regional High School reportedly shared his feelings and fantasies about feet with a teenage female student, according to Patch.com.

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Del Russo, a social studies teacher, is alleged to have told that student he would kill himself if she told anyone about his secret, Patch.com reports.

Del Russo now faces a slew of charges related to child endangerment and 'debauching the morals of a child'.

There's no word on his teaching status at N. Burlington Co. High at this time.

Not to speak for every woman out there, but there aren't many of us out there interesting in hearing when someone fetishizes FEET. It's nauseating, IMO.

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