Following David Guetta's Justin Bieber "2U" collaboration just a few weeks ago comes tonight's (June 26) midnight release of "Versace on the Floor" with Bruno Mars.

The pair have put together a remix of Mars's RIAA gold-certified song, which Guetta premiered live this evening at Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel via Facebook live stream.

During the stream, an acrobat attached to a giant bunch of balloons flew above a pulsating crowd while "Versace on the Floor" played. The song features a riff-heavy bassline over which Mars's vocals are laid. It's slower than what one would normally consider a dance song, but the crowd on Facebook seemed to find ways to groove to it.

“I’m super proud that I had the opportunity to work with Bruno Mars on ‘Versace on the Floor,’" Guetta said in a press release. "It is more than a remix; it is a collaboration and combination of different worlds together. My goal was to make it more dance and DJ friendly, but still respect the music that he came with, and keep the song and his voice in tact because it’s so beautiful…He’s really a next level musician and songwriter. I knew that already, but by working on his music I realized it even more so."

Stream "Versace on the Floor" right here, or listen directly below.

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