Some people just can't help themselves....

When you've committed a crime and catch charges, you'd assume one would do everything in their power to not get any more tacked on, correct? That's not what happened in the case of Michael Elliot.

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The 28-year-old had been charged (though, not solely) with firing a weapon into a crowd of people gathered outside a Bridgeton home back in the summer of 2018 that resulted in death. According to, a stray bullet from the incident went into the home of a 9-year-old girl who was killed as a result.

The man Elliott and the other accomplices were targeted didn't maintain a single injury, yet the innocent 9-year-old died as she was sleeping. 9-year-old Jennifer Trejo didn't even survive the trip to the hospital. One of the other men involved in the shooting has already faced a trial, but it says on the website that the same man faces trial this Monday.

Elliott has picked up another charge involving in attempt to tamper with witness testimonies. He allegedly conspired with another man to get witnesses from the original incident to retract their statements they'd given to the police. Now, as a result, Elliot faces second-degree conspiracy charges as well as his indictment on the original four charges.

The man who was working with Elliott to get the witnesses to retract their statements has already accepted a plea deal regarding his conspiracy charge. reports reveal that sentencing will take place Tuesday, January 12th.

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