If you thought it was dry in South Jersey during the early summer months, that was nothing compared to how dry it is throughout the region now.

According to multiple expert sources, apparently all of Cape May County and most of Atlantic and Cumberland counties are now considered to be in a state of serious drought. Water restrictions were put in place earlier this year throughout New Jersey, but nothing too serious in the southern-most regions of the state. All that has now changed, however, since groundwater has reportedly been decreasing over the past few months due to the lack of rainfall within the South Jersey region.

South Jersey also saw a drought earlier this year, but it wasn't as bad as it is currently.

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The Department of Environmental Protection is not taking this situation lightly and has already issued some precautionary materials for people to look over in an effort to save as much water as possible. If you're wondering if any water restrictions have yet been issued, the answer to that question is no. That's not to say, however, that restrictions won't trickle down from the powers-that-be if not enough water is conserved over the next few weeks.

With the intense heat hopefully behind us here in Atlantic and Cape May counties, hopefully that should aid in the water conservation efforts. The area has also experienced some heavy rainfall, even flooding, during the early days of September, so that should help, too.

Hopefully, the region will be out of this mess sooner rather than later so that nobody has to pass any type of restrictions whatsoever.

Source: PhillyVoice.com

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