Jersey Shore boardwalks each have their own signature making them unique but what is one thing that you are most likely to find at all of them? That’s right, t-shirt shops selling outrageous designs. Each summer there is a new saying which is plastered across shirts and hoodies being sold up and down the boards.

As a tourist it is almost mandatory to purchase one of these shirts displaying crazy colors or sayings to show that you vacationed at Wildwood, Atlantic City or whatever shore town was chosen. However as a local or a summer native to these towns are there less tourist-y options to choose from?

From what we gathered, there are! We found some shirts that both tourists and locals alike are able to purchase and wear to show their love for the Garden State. People might not even guess you found them on the boardwalk.

This blog was written by Nicole Alexander, a freelance writer at Townsquare Media Atlantic City.

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