Looking for a job? Well, a blind South Jersey man has one for you. All you have to do is ask for "Sugar Daddy."

61-year-old Jim from Pennsville put a help-wanted ad in the Cape May County Herald. All he wanted was someone to do a 'light cleaning' for $20/hr. He even offered a free room if needed.

It sounds like a legitimate part-time job, and an easy way to make cash, so why wasn't anyone filling the position? According to the Philly Voice, Jim signed his ad with: "Call Sugar Daddy."

WELL, now that makes sense!

Turns out many people found the ad to be a little sketchy especially considering 'sugar daddies' isn't something you advertise. People at the paper advised him many times to change the name but he didn't listen. Now Jim has reportedly changed the end to simply "Call Jim."

Also since Jim has low vision, he sometimes needs help cleaning himself...which may be the 'light cleaning' he's referring to.

This is completely hilarious but I guess some people were completely creeped out by it. But I also don't believe he's all that innocent either! Read the full article on The Philly Voice, and let me know what you think!


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