When you leave for work at 3 am in the Atlantic City area, you see some weird stuff from time to time.

While the Atlantic City area is technically a "24-hour town," I'm sure overnight traffic is nowhere near what it must have been like at the height of the early casino action in Atlantic City in the 1980s. It must have been crazy then.

What I saw this morning was a little crazy - at least I think so.

As I rolled up to my favorite Wawa location on the Black Horse Pike (Route 40) at Fire Road in Egg Harbor Township I saw something I haven't ever seen before.

In the parking lot, in front of the main entrance, stood a man near the front of his late model SUV. He was cutting up - with a knife and fork - some sort of food in a plastic to-go container. He was dining on the hood of his SUV at 3:30 am in the Wawa parking lot.

With a knife and fork.

That's pretty good table manners at 3:30 am! (Even though the "table" was the hood of his SUV.)

Wait, that's not all.

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While he was dining, he was also enjoying some sort of movie on his iPad, which was also propped on his SUV's hood.

Dinner and a show!

Well, at least he wasn't eating in the preferred middle-of-the-night Wawa dining location: on top of the trash can.

I was going to try to snap his photo and include it here - but, I realized shooting people's photos without permission at 3:30 am might be a good way to get beat up - or worse.

I couldn't help to wonder: what was this guy's story?

Was he sneaking the meal and the show away from home? Was he supposed to be at work, but snuck away for some "me time?" Was he an Uber driver waiting for his next ride?

Why wasn't he eating inside his car?

I would have asked him but, again, asking people questions about their life choices in a parking lot at 3:30 am might not be the best life choice for me.

I wonder if he rated his dining experience somewhere online.

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