Don't say we didn't warn you.  Your work and homelife productivity could be severly handicapped come Monday when a virus hatched by hackers is scheduled to invade your computer and interrupt your access to the internet.

The FBI is warning of the scam which seeks to reroute your online searches to fake sites for profit could affect tens of thousands of Americans, according to

Director of Norton Security Response Kevin Healey explains:

"We call it DNS changer and it does just what the name implies -- it changes DNS settings. So it's gone in and reconfigured it so that when you go to browse somewhere, it can take you anywhere it wants."

Nealy goes on to say how your hard drive may have fallen prey to the virus:

"You probably don't even know that you were infected. Now the good news is the FBI has captured and shut down the bad guys behind all this, but the bad news is that your configuration settings may not have been changed back to the right thing."

The servers currently being used by the hackers will be shut down by federal officials next week.  In the meantime they suggest PC and Mac users back up all important documents and information, and photos.

Want to know if your computer is infected? It's easy to figure out, just click here>>

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