A 66-year-old Belvidere man was attacked Wednesday morning by possibly rabid coyotes while he was walking on this popular New Jersey trail.

Reportedly, the unidentified man was walking with friends and six beagles along Columbia Trail, when a coyote attacked one of the dogs.

As he was trying ward off the coyote from the beagle, the coyote bit the man on his back, butt, and right calf. Ultimately, the man was able to fight the coyote off with a stick before two park police euthanized the animal.

The animal is being tested for rabies by the Department of Environmental Protection, otherwise the man is currently at a local hospital to check out his minor injuries.

NJ.com mentions there have been quite a few rabid coyote attacks in New Jersey over recent years. Hopefully the man shows no symptoms of rabies.

Source: 6abc News |  NJ.com

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