MEDFORD — Brady the turkey's unexpected adventure — a trip away from home that had his owners worried sick and offering a $1,000 reward — is over.

But he's now facing his next challenge — recovering from traumatic injuries that could cost the 40-pound, domesticated turkey his life.

On Saturday, Brady decided to join the fun at a neighbor's pool party. He's a pretty sociable pet, according to Lindsay Condefer, owner of the Bean Family Farm where Brady lives. The free-range turkey often wanders on the farm in Medford. He is known for his friendly personality and enjoys approaching new strangers.

But when Brady didn't return home later that evening, Condefer knew something wasn't right.

Condefer took to Facebook to post about the missing turkey, offering $1,000 to anyone who found him.  The original post racked up over 600 shares on Facebook and supporters flocked to the post to extend their good wishes, prayers, and reminders to stay hopeful.

Brady was found Tuesday morning in rough shape, and immediately taken to Mount Laurel Animal Hospital, Condefer said. He'd been in a neighbor's back yard, and the neighbor called Condefer.

Condefer and the veterinarians at Mount Laurel believe Brady was attacked by a coyote while lost, she said. Condefer said he was in rough shape, covered in maggots, and missing part of his right wing as well as his entire tail. There were visible bite marks on his behind that punctured his abdominal wall.

As of Wednesday morning, Brady remained in the in the ICU and was awaiting surgery.

"Brady is brighter this morning, eating and taking treats," Condefer wrote this morning. "He is more comfortable and receiving IV antibiotics and warmed fluids. Brady will be re-evaluated daily as we work to remove the maggots and care for his wounds."

She said Brady's a staple of the farm, and brings smiles to the kids who visit.

If and when he's stable, he may undergo reconstructive surgery and other procedures. Condefer remains hopeful. She had packed an overnight bag for his stay in the hospital —including his favorite foods: fruits, peanuts, and even cream puffs.

Condefer said after what Brady's been through, he absolutely deserves the cream puffs.

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